For the past 16+ years, Jermaine Rodriguez has been impacting and influencing music ministries as an orchestra director, music pastor and ministry consultant. Working with some of the world’s most influential worship leaders, Jermaine is considered by his peers to be a “music pastor to music pastors.” 

With a unique approach to music ministry, Jermaine has inspired many churches with new processes that have propelled music ministries into success across the nation.

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Attractive Worship Experience

The doorway to the church is the weekend service. Pastor J works with the Senior Pastor and the creative team to enhance structure, creativity and excellence in the message and church service presentation.

Coaching Worship Team Musicianship

  • 2-3 hour mid-week session with Pastor J working hands-on with music teams on their music skills in their rehearsal space.
  • Practical training for worship leaders growing their ability to lead people from the platform, coaching their alignment to the vision and musical skills.
  • This session can teach some new music or simply coach the worship team into the next level on their journey. This is a great tool for getting teams into shape for important weekends.

Planning Effective Creative Moments

  • Full one day or two days with Pastor J. depending on the scope of the planning.
  • Begins with two 45 minute training sessions for the creative and production teams with Pastor J about effective service planning and designing creative moments that matter.
  • Break for lunch
  • Afternoon creative meeting, either long-range planning or planning out a specific moment or event.
  • Focus can be how to introduce a new level of creativity to church services as a whole or getting into the dirty details of planning one well executed and high impact creative moment.
  • Talk through music, lighting, video, audio, set design, props, actors, dancers, and special effects.

Creative Team Training Sessions

  • Can be one or two 45 minute sessions with Pastor J and creative and worship teams.

Sessions Include:

  • The public persona is not as important as the inward person.
  • Real worship comes from the heart; it's not a hobby.
  • The changing expression of worship in this generation.
  • Practical tools for every creative to use for overcoming sin and growing character.
  • God made teams to be dependent on each other, without jealousy and comparison.
  • Developing a serving culture on creative teams.
  • Why packaging and presentation matters.
  • Overcoming division and the right way to handle offenses.
  • Cultivating a spirit of generosity in worship teams.

Coaching Worship Ministry Team Leads

  • Monthly one-on-one training with Pastor J. for young worship leaders.
  • Helping worship leaders learn how to implement the Senior Pastor's vision more effectively.
  • Hands-on training in administration of Creative Ministries.
  • planningcenteronline.com hands-on setup and training for implementation


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