Gods Promotion

Anytime God chooses to Bless and you succeed, you'll face three things:

1. Jealousy in those who want what you've got. Remember the parable of the Prodigal Son? (Luke 15) His older brother became bitter because the attention he once had was now being given to his younger brother. When God blesses you, not everybody will celebrate it; especially those who've not yet been blessed in the same way, even though they've longed for it and worked to get it.

2. Insecurity in those who are afraid of change. When you move upward, it affects everybody else around you. Some will immediately feel threatened - particularly those who've always done things in a certain way and are not interested in stretching or growing.

3. The attack of the enemy. Satan usually attacks those who are next in line for promotion. He doesn't mess with low-impact Christians. Paul wrote, "~ we wanted to come to you~ but Satan stopped us" (1Thessalonians 2:18). Think about that. If Satan could stop the Apostle Paul, imagine what he wants do to you!

Success will test every relationship in your life. Some will feel dwarfed. Some will feel displaced. Others will say, "He's just not the same anymore." When you hear those words, just keep moving forward, smile and say to yourself, "they're right!"

Just stay calm, stay cool, you didn't do this anyway. Stay humble, give God the Glory

Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows

God; Thank You for all You have Done in my Life. I am Who I am and I am Where I am because You are Who You are. I will walk in humility and in Thankfulness. I know I am not who I used to be! Praise God! I have not "Arrived" but I have travelled. Lord, please keep Your hand of Blessing and Balance on my Life. In Jesus Name. ~ Amen.