Guard Your Heart

Is what you want, what God wants?

 “Guard your heart above all else,

for it determines the course of your life.”

Proverbs 4:23  NLT

 What do you want? Be careful with the answer to that question. It is not “What do you think you are supposed to want?” The answer may be found in what you think about when you are free to think about anything. Do you picture yourself on the big stage as the headliner? Do you dream of what you will purchase with the money you will be paid after you are successful? Do you fantasize about releasing multiple projects that dominate the radio airwaves or touring extensively? What do you want?

It is difficult for Christian musicians to keep focused because of all the trappings of the music industry. What is a goal to secular musicians is just a tool for Christian music ministers. We want to see people get saved. We want lives changed. We want to bring people closer to Jesus. Money, radio airplay, big shows, publicity, touring etc. are tools to help us connect with people.

Guarding our heart requires us to continually remind ourselves that we are in the music ministry for people. We can easily fall into the temptation of seeking fame in the name of finding significance in ministry. But God knows our true heart, our true motivations. Are we in ministry because above all else we love people? When we dream do we dream of packed altar calls?

Our focus on bringing people closer to Jesus will change the course of our life. It may cost us fame and fortune. We may never play the big stage. We may never even be able to make a living from our music. We could end up playing in obscure places like prisons, nursing homes, or homeless shelters. But, if we guard our hearts we will get what we want.


Father, pierce my heart with a desire to bring people closer to You. Cause me to love people more than the music.