Leading Artists

Some of you might think this is a chapter you don’t need, but I want to challenge you to read it anyway!  We will all end up working with others and actually at one time or another we’ll lead a group too, even if it’s a small one.

1.   Do you think volunteering is more fun than leading?

2.   What characterizes a good leader?

3.   How can someone better manage their time?

Be an Artist, Be a Leader – but it won’t be easy!

Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, the opening pages of this chapter have some great ideas for all of us.

  • Allow God to empower you in the ministry He places you in, then do it.
  • Give it all you have! Know what He has called you to do and then be obedient to the best of your abilities – make the sacrifices you need to.
  • Plan your schedule accordingly.  Ministry in general takes a lot of time and effort and ministry in the arts might even be more demanding than others! (Warning to workaholics: read the section on workaholics).   Accept that this road isn’t easy, but we’re not called to take the easy road.  We’re called to follow Jesus.

4.  What kind of leader are you?

5.  What kind of leader do you best respond to?

  • The Overly Demanding CEO
  • The Overbearing Coach
  • The Overly Protective Patron
  • The Silent Type

Nurturing Artists – How do we encourage each other?

Be gentle and sensitive

Love them

Exhort them – urge them to flourish

Encourage them

Implore them – be truthful in order to bring out the best in talents, gifts, or in their lives and character

Be giving and demanding of each other

Serve others, but expect the most out of them too.