Leading your ministry into tomorrow

Leading Your Ministry Into Tomorrow

"Conductors cannot conduct their orchestra without turning their back on the crowd. It's not always easy for futuring leaders to turn their back on the crowd. It is, however the right thing to do."

I would like for Music Pastor's, Worship Leaders or aspiring Worship Leaders. Or people who have just been in music ministry for a long time to ask your self these questions.

1. When was the last time you attended a conference ( worship Music etc.) yourself? Im not referring to the last time you were the keynote speaker, or sang. But the time you went to learn and absorb for yourself.

2. What was the last good book you read?

3. When was the last time you read a book?

4. When was the last time you asked yourself tough questions about change and growth?

5. When was the last time you asked yourself, "What thinking do I need to change?"

6. What is there about me that is hindering the growth of my ministry?

If leaders (True leaders) ask themselves these questions, they can raise the ceiling. For some, the possibilities may be exciting, but for others, the risks seems too great, so the ceiling stays put. Leading change requires someone to stand at the front to challenge and cheer on others. Leaders are the risk takers, and they can make life within the ministry challenging and exciting. They lead in change when they themselves begin to grow. If Leaders refuse or neglect personal growth, what kind of example are they setting for people in the church? 

In Summary, change readiness means that leaders must.
1. Prepare for change
2. Promote Change
3. Lead change

These are reasons for a lot of music pastors or worship leaders who have never been able to grow there ministry effectively and efficiently. Most who have read this and are offended will immediately take a super spiritual attitude and out look on this. Of course! because they are not concerned with people.... isn't that what ministry is all about? Servant-hood.... people? Of course, but when we make it personal its more about what I want and I like and what I need... notice in that one sentence I used the word I 3 times wow. Makes me think...

Well this is my lesson for today.

In addition I had a thought today during my reading time. God never called us to have the most amazing worship services nor was it a mandate. But he did call of us to reach people. Tell them about the love of Christ and see souls won. IT'S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE!

Salvation+Intentionality+training+community= Life Change