The 1, Then The 5000

So recently I was doing some leadership training at a conference, where at the end I had a young man ask me, " how do I get to be where you are?" "How do I get to the place where I can minister and lead or teach thousands of people?"etc.

At that moment, I was at a loss for words, I never saw it that way. I am blessed to lead some pretty amazing people into worship on a weekly basis at Church On The Rock in Saint Peters MO. About 7,000 plus.

I get to travel, teach, consult with other creative arts teams etc. However, I was still needing to answer this young man, and I thought to myself the answer I give him will be vital to his future in what he pursues, and why he pursues it. 

Here was my response. I said, "You have got to be faithful, love, and be willing to minister to the one" I continued and said, in John chapter 4 Jesus ministers to the "1" women at the well. It was not a huge arena, hype, or even a person of great influence Jesus was ministering to. But yet he spoke as if he was an arena preaching his best stuff. He was faithful, and showing love. 

I also told him, "in John chapter 6 Jesus feeds the 5,000. Notice the order Jesus ministers to the one and then he ministers to the 5000. 

In conclusion many want to be on a large platform ministering to the thousands but are not willing to minister to the one. 

Needless to say its not what he probably wanted to hear, however that was my moment to minister to the "one" and speak truth, be faithful and show love.