WARNING: if you feel like this blog is not for you, it probably is!

Eze 28:1-19

Theologians all agree that this verse is referring to Lucifer himself, the archangel who fell from grace. Some people think Satan is an ugly creature because he is always typified as ugly in cartoon pictures. But contrary to this thinking, the bible shows us that he is indeed a very beautiful creation. In particular, he was created with timbrels (percussion) and pipes (wind).

He was not only beautiful but gifted in music. Many believe he was created with music as was the archangel whose task was to worship God and fill His throne with praises.

But why did lucifer fall?

The answer is given in verse 1 and 17.

His heart was lifted up. Pride caused his fall.

Let us all do a spiritual check on ourself today.

Does your musical talent make you proud?

Do you have a sense of entitlement?

Are you competitive?

Do you think your better than the musicians next to you?

Do you have difficulty submitting to youleaders?

Be careful of pride. It could hold you back from becoming all you could be, or worse it could be your down fall as it was Lucifers. 

I read this quote sometime ago, and thought is was great.

"Pride in control is confidence, pride out of control is arrogance.

Father I repent of any pride in my life. I thank You forgiving me musical talent. I acknowledge that all my abilities come from You. I commit to use my talents for Your glory alone.