Evangelism & Praise go Hand in Hand!

Why Evangelism & Praise go Hand in Hand!

Scripture Reading Acts 16:25-34

Paul and Silas were thrown into prison after they were severely beaten, but they did not allow these difficulties to discourage their spirit. In verse 25, we see them praying and singing hymns. As they were praising, they would have never believed that by that same night, one family would have given their lives to Jesus.

During my time in San Antonio, I remember a specific service where we had 3 guys sitting in the same pew with their eyes blood shot read, I am assuming from partying the night before. These guys were obviously from the streets and looked like characters out of a inner city gang violence movie. So much so one of the guys had a tattoo of an exploit tattooed on his balled shaven head. The word started with an F I wil leave the rest to your imagination.

As I lead worship these guys just stared me down watching and observing everything going on. Fast forward 3 weeks later they were still coming and by this time they were closing their eyes during worship and even at times I'd see a tear roll down the cheek of one of the guys. I Even saw them raise their hands to waist level with there palms facing up.

At the end info the service I sought out the guys and hugged them and said "I've been watching you guys for 3 weeks and I'm glad you are here"

they replied, with such excitement and gratitude that they did not even know they were using exploits when they were speaking. They were so excited! When speaking to the guys they used words like goose bumps, chills, emotions. I realized at that moment they did not have the "Christian" terminology to describe what God was doing, one of the guys even said, "I feel like I have hope." Wow!

Praise and worship has a powerful effect on unbelievers. They have an opportunity to see the power of God in our praises.

Ps40:3 says “Many will see it and fear”. Sometimes, worship leaders do the total opposite for Evangelistic Services. They tone down the praises for fear it will stumble the unbelievers.

Why should we do that?

Keep praising as we normally do and let God do the rest. A worship service is a good place for evangelism.

Expect souls to be saved every Sunday.