Where Are You Now?

Some time ago I read a book entitled “Follow me” by Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson. This book talks about discipleship, and spiritual growth. It covers the basics that every believer should know, where they should be in their walk with God and what they should be striving for. The book was very good. In this book the authors mention a Spiritual Continuum and where we as believers should be. The four areas listed were:

Exploring Christ (New Believer)

Growing in Christ

Close to Christ

and ultimately what they call in the book a Christ Centered Life (Self Feeder).

The book in essence shows and breaks down where each believer is by identifying some spiritual growth habits in each believer which brings me to the title of my Blog en- titled "Where Are You Now"?

One of the hardest things I find in ministry is trying to measure or gauge where an individual is in their walk with God. How do I measure your spiritual growth? How do you measure mine?

I remember watching a TV show and at times it will still come on from time to time called “Where are they now?” Ever wonder what happened to your favorite stars? Some had long careers before fading into oblivion, while others seemed like they didn’t get their full 15 minutes. I thought this related well to this blog, be- cause over the 9 1/2 years of being the music pastor at Westover Hills, a certain individual comes to mind. He got involved in the music ministry but as time went by, because he did not gauge his own heart, and did not have a Christ centered life, and didn’t seek to become a self feeder, he left the church.

I remember seeing him lifting his hands and singing. He was faith- ful at the time to the DUTIES of ministry, but I ask my- self now “Where Are They Now?

I have recently received news of this same individual who will remain nameless. He is currently not serving the Lord, going through divorce and is completely living the opposite of what God calls us as believers to live. I pose this rhetorical question to you. How does this happen? Where did we go wrong? Where did they go wrong? What could we have done better?

My heart’s desire is to see us grow as worshippers. Like the song we sing, “Going to Another Level”, we are consistently moving up the continuum to have a Christ centered life and always seeking to grow more and to learn about the Word of God and His ways. It’s not just about doing ministry but making sure that our heart is where it should be.

In conclusion, this is not rhetorical, I challenge you to check your heart and ask yourself-where am I now?

David said, "search my heart o God". David was asking God, "where am I now"?